Technology in the Classroom

I cannot believe that it's already November!  I have been fortunate to have an amazing group of students this year who are eager to learn!  They have been quite the guinea pigs as I have explored using technology in the classroom.  I am a graduate student in Lamar University's Educational Technology Leadership Program and I am learning so much about how to meet the needs of our digital kids. From the response of my kiddos in the classroom, they are loving it!  My current course, Multimedia and Video Technology, has been quite exciting.  Below is a video that I made recently about a special person in my life.  I cannot wait to incorporate Digital Storytelling in the classroom and a colleague and I are even planning on starting a film club!  Here is a blog that I started in one of my first courses at Lamar.  Unfortunately, I forgot the password and I can't get into it and so I've decided to blog about my learning and coursework here.

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